Playground Equipment For A Complete Playground Installation

The place where children have the most fun is at a playground. A playground is only complete if it has enough variety and amount of playing equipment. In this article we will go over the equipment which is vital for a playground to be complete.

It is common knowledge that a playground has to be located and organized in a way that will appeal to children. A bare, empty plot of land is not considered a playground, I child would never be drawn to it. What exactly is a complete playground? Not only is a playground full of equipment entertaining for children, it also heightens their physical and mental health.

There are various kinds of playground equipment, these varieties are discussed below:

Skidding Equipment

shutesChildren always find chutes to be quite an entertaining playground equipment. Being as children love slides, slides have been being developed with additional chute designs. Slides can be found as rumble seat slides, tube slides, tube slides, tunnel slides, twist and cry slides, spiral slides which come in various appealing and bright colors. The size of the equipment depends greatly on the age of the children who will be playing on them. The sides of the slides should be protected to make sure that small children are not injured.

Equipment that Spins

merry-go-roundThis is a favorite among the toddler aged children. This type of equipment, such as a merry-go-round is made of a spinning stage with bars and seats for the children to sit or hold onto as it spins on its center axis. These spinning playground options are generally operated manually and help children practice their weight balancing skills.


Scaling Equipment

Range-ClimbersSome of the favorite playground equipment options for children are climbing frames, children love these. These types of playground equipment are ideal for improving children’s strength. From the common jungle gym to the the creative internet climbers these playground options come in various shapes, sizes and challenge levels. This particular type of playground equipment inspires children to compete among each other while they play.

Balancing Equipment

balance-beams-2As the name states, playground equipment based on balancing helps improve children’s balancing abilities. Examples of balancing equipment are balance beams, dangling logs, rope bridges and spring disks.




Hanging Equipment

monkey-barsHanging equipment is probably the most challenging equipment children will find at a playground. There are various styles of hanging equipment such as; parallel bars, swinging trapeze and upwards and over bars. Children build upper body strength while using hanging equipment. This is also a type of playground equipment which helps build confidence due to the sense of accomplishment children feel when they complete the obstacle.

There are a few more things other than playing gear which should be included in every basic playground. To prevent children from injury if they were to fall, the playground floor should be properly covered with soft mulches, this is also aesthetically pleasing. These mulches can be found in various attractive colors.

Relaxing protection areas should be provided so children seeking to take a break from the sun and play can do so easily and comfortably. Another great addition to the relaxation subject of a park are having tables and seats strategically installed around the park.

By properly installing a variety of structures we can guarantee that children will be able to play in a happy and healthy manner. It is important to consistently inspect the equipment to ensure the safety of the children using them.